Agro-industrial complexes

Agro-industrial complex is one of the most attractive sectors of modern economic activity in Ukraine. Watzenrode company is ready to provide a full range of services for design and construction of agricultural facilities with the use of advanced technologies in industrial engineering, as well as in strict compliance with European standards.

Design, engineering and construction of agroindustrial complexes are key activities of Watzenrode company. Due to the years of experience, our team of experts is ready to provide competent facilitation at every stage of creation of industrial facility in compliance with current construction trends.

The professional approach that we show to our customers at every stage of AIC creation helps define all the objectives and achieve mutual understanding between the parties. Services offered by Watzenrode in construction of agricultural buildings include complete list of works on designing, engineering and constructing all production facilities and their competent structuring. Construction of agricultural buildings covers every stage ranging from concept development to commissioning. Qualified staff is ready to provide professional assistance and support throughout the construction period, ensuring achievement of high performance in short terms.

Comprehensive works are performed taking into account key European construction trends and in strict compliance with international standards.

Professional team of Watzenrode is ready to provide competent services for design and construction of new facilities and reconstruction of existing ones, as well as their adaptation to modern standards and requirements. We are ready to assist in creation of warehouses, livestock breeding complexes of different areas (livestock complexes, agricultural and industrial premises) as well as design and construction of processing systems using modern technologies in the field of industrial construction.

Experts carry out strict control of compliance with safety rules and optimize customers’ costs from the start of cooperation to commissioning, which allows achieving desired results at minimum expense.