Сonstruction and design of shopping centres and entertainment facilities is just about the most popular niche of modern construction. This process is multitasking and requires special responsibility of the contractor. Watzenrode company offers its services for construction and engineering of malls.

Starting from preparatory stage mall construction process involves careful design and study of every detail of the future facility. Typically, this is quite large facilities with lots of areas and sections; therefore, the project should be designed in accordance with all requirements and safety standards and be convenient for future visitors.

During mall design Watzenrode’s professional team conducts a thorough analysis and detailed planning of every further stage. In addition to the building architecture it is crucial that mall concept is fully consistent with the surrounding landscape and modern fashion trends in architecture and urban planning.

For construction of malls Watzenrode company uses only high-quality building materials from leading manufacturers and modern equipment, making possible to achieve high performance and reliability in its further use. Besides, our company follows environmental safety rules and do not use toxic materials that are harmful to health.