Warehouses and logistics centers

Construction and design of warehouses and logistics centers is one of the main lines of Watzenrode business. Construction of industrial premises requires special responsibility of the contractor and strict compliance with all international regulations. Professional team of the company works exclusively in compliance with all international requirements, constantly researching and implementing new technologies in the global construction market.

Watzenrode company will be a reliable partner in design of industrial buildings, including warehouses and logistics centers according to the latest standards. We guarantee that each specialist provides professional approach supported by years of experience and availability of modern construction machinery and equipment. Quickly erectable buildings, industrial, production and logistics facilities are constructed in short terms and a customer receives a guarantee of high quality and absolute safety of facilities constructed.

In constructing industrial premises the use of quickly erected metal constructions is absolutely justified decision both technically and economically. Construction of warehouses and logistics buildings using modern metal constructions allows implementing projects within the shortest time possible providing high quality and low metal consumption.

Watzenrode company performs design and construction of warehouses and logistics centres using advanced building technology and modern equipment. We consider all customers’ requirements and provide ongoing support throughout the project period.

High quality of work is the basic principle of our company!