Civil Works

Today, a higher percentage of construction and installation works is collectively called as civil works. This definition includes a full set of construction, installation and finishing works from foundation, monolithic finishing and walling to construction of utility lines and finishing.

Customers often involve our company to perform comprehensive civil works. Today, this type of service provides optimal and efficient solution of most problems. This approach to construction is the most advantageous for a customer in terms of time and costs. In practice, search for different specialists at various stages of work takes a customer much more time, while to entrust the entire scope of work to one construction company is the most optimal and justified decision.

Watzenrode Civil works

Civil works provided by Watzenrode include a wide range of tasks. They consist of several stages, including site preparation, building construction, installation of internal utility networks, external and internal finishing etc.

Our professional team will consider all customer’s demands and wishes and demonstrate the end result within the shortest time possible. We provide comprehensive professional approach to implementation of civil works and guarantee extremely high quality of works.