General Design

Watzenrode construction company performs complex design of all types of buildings and structures (residential, public, industrial) of varying degrees of complexity.

Thanks to 3D modeling, we have a number of advantages over traditional methods of project development,


  • no contradictions between project sections;
  • automatic marking of schemes and nodes;
  • accurate determination of the dimensions of mounting elements;
  • full visualization of wiring diagrams and assemblies;
  • high accuracy of coincidence of elements during installation of connections.

In addition to direct services provided by Watzenrode as a General Contractor, there is a list of additional functions. If such a need arises, we are always ready to meet the needs of our partners in order to ensure the required quality of work, as well as its completion in a timely manner.

Targets that we deal with:

  • Reaching mutual understanding between a customer and performers
  • Coordination and optimization of subcontractors’ activities
  • Control and optimization of work schedule
  • Control and optimization of project budget
  • Organizing and monitoring compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Contact with external specialized experts
  • Direct interaction with inspecting authorities
  • Ensuring good result at the end of work

Thus, with the help of 3D modeling and thanks to the work of highly qualified specialists, WATZENRODE provides an integrated approach to design, as well as saves time and resources of the Customer. We have experience in implementing the most ambitious and complex projects of various types.

General plan and infrastructure:

  • engineering and technological networks;
  • engineering structures.